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ProComm Voice Talent Lynn Llewelyn Launches New Venture

6 Pence Players CD

Congrats to ProComm voice talent Lynn Llewelyn on the launch of her new company, 6 Pence Productions. She’s taking her years of theater, film and voice acting experience and applying them to producing children’s theatre “for kids, by kids”. She’s produced her first CD, ‘The Fairytale Collection‘, which you can purchase online and at some select retailers. It will soon be available on Amazon and iTunes as well.

Lynn frequently brings a class of young voice actors from the Flatrock Playhouse in to the ProComm voice over studios. Her inspiration came after recording a script for the end of one of her class sessions with Jim Knuth. Lynn popped the audio in her car for her 3 year old twins to listen to. When she heard “play it again Mommy” for about the 6th time … Lynn realized there’s got to be more to this, and so the lightbulb flickered on!! Audio Children’s Theatre, for kids, but more importantly – BY KIDS!!

The concept is pretty simple… I realized through my own children that kids love to listen to other kids, and wouldn’t it be great to make children’s theatre an auditory experience?

-Lynn L.

The classic children’s tales were produced at ProComm, where Lynn worked extensively with ProComm Producer Dan Friedman who engineered, mixed, directed and co-produced. You’ll hear many of ProComm’s teen and child voice talent on the tracks as well, including Heath Wines, Eleanor Palmer, Molly Penny, Cori Patrick, Chandler Smith, and Ben Hunter.

Check out a sample here —->      6 Pence Players – Cinderella