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The British Are Coming! (to ProComm)

Straight from the UK, we’ve added some great new voices to the ProComm Voices talent roster. You’ll find them in our new British/ UK male voice talent and British/ UK female voice talent category pages on If you’re in need of a British or Scottish read for your next project, try out these voices:

Mike Cooper – Mike has an appealing range of deliveries and interpretations, each as skilled as the next.

Julie-Ann Dean – Great interpretations and characters, Julie-Ann brings loads of fun to her reads!

Philip Banks – A resonant and distinct British voice that exudes class.

Rennie Griffiths – A sophisticated Scottish voice who ranges from dramatic to fun.

Sarah Parnell – Smooth, sexy, smart, or sassy – Sarah does it all.

Jon Lovell – Young and upbeat with contagious enthusiasm; Jon has a great range of character voices.

Graeme Mackenzie – A versatile Scottish voice talent.

Jenny Dunbar – A distinct and sophisticated Scottish voice with plenty of personality.

Andy Turvey – An accessible and friendly British chap with smarts to boot.

Ricky Salmon – Clear, concise, and conversational.

Tanya Rich – Conversational, quirky, sexy, hard sell – a great range of voices and styles.