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3 Tips for a Successful Voiceover Session Using an IP Codec


Whether you’re a voiceover talent or a voiceover production studio, you’ve probably noticed we are entering into a brave new world. For decades, the standard means of connecting VO talent to recording studios was via ISDN, high quality phone lines that communicate with propriety hardware equipment. As technology evolves, more people are losing ISDN and adapting to IP (Internet Protocol) codecs.

So you invested in an IP codec like Source Connect. Now what? Assuming you’ve set up your system to send and receive audio, here are a few tips to ensure your next IP voiceover session goes smoothly.

Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth. While you don’t necessarily need a fiber connection to operate smoothly, it’s recommended to have a high-speed internet connection. If you have cable or U-verse for instance, most likely you have sufficient upload/download speeds.

Optimize your setup. So you are ready for your first IP session. You may want to make sure the computer you’re using is connected to the internet via an ethernet connection. Wireless routers can be spotty depending on your location and are not always reliable. Also, if your IP codec has port mapping capabilities, it’s recommended to set this up so you have the bandwidth necessary to conduct your session.

Beware of unnecessary usage. While connected to another studio on IP, it’s a good idea to make sure your little one isn’t streaming Netflix in the living room during your session. Have several other programs running in the background of your computer? Simply close them, it’s wise to dedicate your computer’s memory to only the necessary applications you’re using. Can’t remember the last time you rebooted your computer? It couldn’t hurt to do a restart prior to your session just so you have peace of mind your computer is running on all cylinders.

If you are new or experienced IP voiceover talent, these tips will help ensure a smooth voiceover session.

What are your tips for a successful session?  Leave a comment below.