Whether you’re a broadcast producer looking for a signature voice talent for that picky client, an under-the-gun creative director who needs a script produced yesterday, or a writer in need of a little casting help, you’ve come to the right place. ProComm specializes in great voice talent for broadcast commercials, great voice talent for long form narration, great voice talent for just about anything you might need a great voice talent for….and we also have the production expertise to make your project sizzle.

Casting. Recording. Production. Distribution. All in one tidy, amazingly low invoice.



It All Starts With a Call

A toll-free call no less, at 866.438.6423. One of our account managers will gladly help you get the ball rolling. Just fill us in on the scope of your project (style of voice, production needs, markets, etc.), then email or fax us your script toll-free at 866.800.4047. If you’ve already found the voice talent you’re looking for in our demo pages – great! Let’s get started! If not, our casting team will review your project and suggest the best voices. (Auditions are also available.)


As a new client, you’ll automatically receive an estimate for your first job. After that, we’ll gladly provide free estimates on request.


Direct Your Session

Come session time, your ProComm engineer will connect you directly with your voice talent via phone patch, and you’ll be in full control. Direct the talent. Demand to hear takes played back. Insist upon music and sound effects. Your Wish = Our Command.

Get Me That Spot Pronto!

When your session is over, you can download your project via the Internet or deliver it digitally to radio stations as quickly as one hour, even faster in some cases. Or, if you prefer, we can dub your project in the format you request and ship it via next-day Federal Express®. If you have a favorite local studio, you may choose Real-Time ISDN Delivery. Via ISDN connection, you receive our voice talent – in CD-quality sound – right at your local studio, while the session is in progress.