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Ford Coker
Yeah the kid's smart... and he has attitude. Just don't tell him he's cute.
Age range: 10 to 16

Daxx George
This guy is a pro. WAIT - He's only seven years old!
Age range: 5 to 8

Cameron B
Innocent and enthusiastic but with an adult-like attitude!
Age range: 9 to 15

Ben Hunter
He's that teenage boy who is getting wise about life!
Age range: 13 to 18

Brennan Ayliffe
Cute and smart.
Age range: 5 to 7

Max Oreck
Gung-ho and positive. A natural performer.
Age range: 12 to 16

Cameron Smith
A great young storyteller, able to communicate a sense of wonder.
Age range: 7 to 10

Joseph Clayton
When he's not out poppin' wheelies or perfecting kick flips, he stays busy slaying copy... coast to coast!
Age range: 12 to 15

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 artists

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