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The Magic of it All

One of my favorite TV promos is the one currently airing for Fox Saturday Baseball, featuring Joe Buck and Tim McCarver:


Pretty cute.

But if you look closely, you’ll see that not all the characters were together in one place. Stop the video at :07, or take a look at this screenshot:

I guess I’ve watched enough baseball to recognize Buck and McCarver, even from the back.

That ain’t them.

Go a couple seconds later and you’ll see the back shots of the two other actors don’t quite match (although they did  great job mimicking their movements). It should go without saying that the background of Angel’s Stadium is a green screen projection.

Yes, technology is our friend, and we put it to use everyday at ProComm Voices. Here is a recently produced spot featuring Emilie Brown and Dan Friedman, “together” in a car:

ECCU GarageSale Radio

They were recorded together, with a client directing on the phone. Yet Dan was in Asheville while Emilie came to us live from Utah.

Or check out this crowd:

Fred’s Party Supplies Radio

The crowd in that commercial came to us from six different places, recorded separately at different times. And there were no more than two persons recording at each location.

By the way, with all the technological innovations in video, it’s still easier (and more budget-friendly) to successfully pull off illusions on the radio;  note how you were able to stop & inspect the YouTube video.

As a Procomm engineer, it’s fun to help you create the magic that comes from your imagination.