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#TeamTuesday: Meet the Staff – Aimee Widenhouse


Favorite things about your job?

I enjoy working with most people, and try to keep an open sense of humor.  Plus, with handling the billing & such as well, there’s always something puzzling that I have to solve.  It keeps my brain healthy.  Honestly, I just like to keep busy.  I do not enjoy having an inactive mind.  Downtime bores me.

Dream career if not working at ProComm and could make a living:

I guess that I’d have to say a book editor… I’d take my love of reading to the next level.   Or oooh… a travel inspector.  I’d love to just take vacations all the time to different places, and get paid to criticize them.  That sounds like a fun time, and I’d still have time to read as much as I want!

When did you start working at ProComm?

May, 2010

When I’m not at work, I spend my time____?  

Readin’… chillin’… relaxin’.

Favorite album or recording artists?  

late 80- early 90’s are my go to listening pleasures.

Favorite Movies/TV?  

Game of Thrones season 7 premier was highlighted on my calendar!  I’m an action / sci-fi / fantasy fan, but I’ll take a good rom-com on occasion too because, you know, female.

Favorite Books/magazines?

Favorite book is really tough… I read constantly, like non-stop I’ve already read three books this week & it’s only Wednesday, kind of reader.  I love a good fictional story.

What kinds of pets do you have?

I do not have a “pet”, I have a four-legged son named Peanut.  If you ask him, he’s a real boy.  (But really, he’s a chiweenie.)

If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why? 

Peanut, ‘cause I’d have the absolute most awesome mom and be spoiled out of my gourd.

If we looked in your refrigerator, what would we find?  

2/3rd’s half empty condiment bottles & a whole lot of coffee creamer.  And a few meager edible things that – how should I say this – you should always initiate the smell test first.

Favorite Foods?  

Steak, pasta & bread. And bacon… mmmmm.  Bacon.

What was your first car? 

Hand-me-down Mitsubishi Galant… Yeah.  I didn’t have a spare key & totally locked myself out of that thing at least four times.  #LocksmithOnSpeedDial

What event do you remember most fondly from high school?  

Cleaning bathrooms at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during race week as the main fundraiser for our band… OH WAIT.. Sorry – you said fondly?!?!  Yeah, noooo.  Not that one then. *I still have nightmares*