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#TalentTuesday with Chloe Taylor

Voice Actress Chloe Taylor keeps herself busy with a variety of artistic endeavors. In addition to being a fantastic VO talent for brands such as Ethan Allen and The Baltimore Orioles, she has spread the joy of music in countless performances over the years, has done on-screen acting for TV and movies, and been a supporter of the local music and arts scene. We took a few moments to learn more about Chloe in today’s #TalentTuesday interview.

How long have you been working with ProComm? About 12 years.

What’s your favorite part of voice acting? Stepping inside a sensory deprivation chamber in order to step inside the skin of the writer of a script.

How did you get started in voiceover work? I was singing (, and after the show, Jim at ProComm asked me if I might be interested in reading a bit.

When you’re not behind a hot mic, what do you like to do? Sing, garden, travel, design and decorate spaces, walk.

Favorite album or recording artist(s)? Bjork Vespertine, Radiohead In Rainbows,Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas, Juana Molina, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, Duran Duran Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Benji Hughes OXOXOXOX, the collabs of Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life

Favorite concert(s) you’ve attended? Stevie Wonder, Holly Palmer, Duran Duran, Elton John, The Album Leaf, Alt-J

Favorite Movie(s)/TV? Raising Arizona, Rick and Morty, Black Mirror, The Wizard of Oz, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Henry and June

Favorite Books/magazines? Stranger in a Strange Land (Heinlein)everything by Tom Robbins, everything by Kurt Vonnegut,The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (McCullers);I devour truly intelligent self-help and spirituality audiobooks and podcasts

Favorite Podcast? Duncan Trussell Family Hour

What is one of your favorite vacations you’ve taken? Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

If we looked in your refrigerator, what would we find? Oat milk, half an avocado, Lusty Monk mustard, beers friends have brought to gatherings (I don’t like beer)

Favorite Food? French toast. Do I eat it? No. Gluten and sugar.

What was your first car? A white Datsun with purple tinted windows. I packed it with everything I owned and headed to NC when I was 21.

What event do you remember most fondly from high school? Switching dates and dresses with my friend Karyn.  We were the same size and we realized we each wanted to be there with the other’s date.

If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why? Some sort of cuddly thing, like a little monkey or a little bear.

Do you have any other special talents? I’m really good at solving those little games that seem impossible.

Do you have a ‘most memorable session’? I once drove 45 minutes each way to ProComm to say the line “Velocity?” about 27 different ways.

Dream career if not doing VO work, and could make a living? Doing building and design projects that take about a day each, with a team of people I love, for the good of humanity