How will I know if I am selected for a job?

When a client selects you for a voiceover job, you'll be notified by both text and email. These will contain links to your account where you'll have access to the script and may choose to either accept or decline the job. Please do so promptly, even if you will not be voicing until later. The email will also show you the talent fee for the job. Please do not email or otherwise contact the client directly - use the Message feature through Keeping correspondence within the VoiceJungle website allows us to provide efficient customer service and be sure you're paid properly.

What is the expected turnaround time?

VoiceJungle guarantees 24 hour turnaround for all reasonably sized projects. Since this includes time for script review and payment approval, we ask that voice talent upload finished files within 12 hours of notification and question responses from the client. It is understood that weekend/holiday turnaround may be delayed to the next business day. Occasionally a client will ask for a rushed turnaround. You are under no obligation but we may either contact you in advance or ask that you Message the client with an ETA. Please note, there is no additional payment for rush delivery.

How many reads should I provide?

VoiceJungle clients expect to receive three reads for all scripts up to 60 seconds to provide enough options in production. This includes both broadcast and non-broadcast orders. Please provide three reads for all scripts 60 seconds or under! To be effective, they should be somewhat different in tone and inflection -- don’t give them the same delivery three times. For longer scripts we require only one clean read, but there is no maximum to the amount of audio you may provide. Record as many alternate readings or wild lines as you wish to ensure customer satisfaction. Regardless of how many reads you provide, always upload ONE audio file.