Broadcast Talent

Broadcast radio and TV rates are for a consecutive 13-week usage cycle. 26-week usage is available for the stated rates x 2. 1-year usage is available for the stated rates x 3. Beyond 1-year usage, call for estimate.

Radio (per voice, per spot)
30s & 60s$125$140$170$240$400
Bit parts & tags (≤ 25 words)$100$115$140$190$350
Television/Cable (per voice, per spot)
30s & 60s$200$220$245$425$760
Short Run (airing < 1 week)$160$175$195$360$650
Bit parts & tags (≤ 25 words)$160$175$195$360$650
Station Promos and Liners
(Buyout rate charged per hour with a one hour minimum, studio charges do not apply).
*Call for estimate

Internet Talent

Internet - Pre-roll Video
(per voice, per spot, per 13-week usage cycle).
30s & 60s$200$220$245$425$760
Bit parts & tags (≤ 25 words)$160$175$195$360$650
Internet - Streaming Audio (per voice, per spot, per 13-week usage cycle)
30s & 60s$125$140$170$240$400
Bit parts & tags (≤ 25 words)$100$115$140$190$350
Internet Website/Social Media
(per voice per spot)
≤ 150 words
(~1 minute)

≤ 151 -750 words
(~1-5 minute)

Each additional 750 words


Market Definitions

LocalAny single market excluding the Top 50
MetroAny single market ranked 26-50
MultiUp to three Local or Metro markets OR
any market ranked 4-25
RegionalUp to 15 markets OR one of the following:
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
NationalOver 15 markets in the United States
Any additional market added to one of the markets
defined above raises that usage to the next tier.

Non-Broadcast Talent

≤ 150 words (~1 minute)151 - 750 words (~1-5 minutes)Each additional 750 words
Corporate/Limited Use (per voice)$150$300$100
Includes: corporate video, meeting/trade show/presentations, on hold message, PowerPoint,
outgoing calls, DVD (not for sale), video news release, elearning, in-room video, podcast,
p.a. announcement.
Point of Purchase or Small Audience Ads (per voice)$300$600$200
Includes: infomercial, kiosk/shelf (point of purchase or on-site commercials), arena use (Jumbotron), movie theater, in-store closed circuit.
Sold to Public / Games / Toys
Mobile Apps
(per voice)
Includes: DVD (sold to public), mobile app, game, toy, elearning (sold to public).
Sales/downloads in excess of 10,000 units call for rates
IVR (per voice)$150$300$100
Audio BookCall for estimate.

Telephone Message On Hold

Message On Hold package rates apply only for a select group of voices. For On Hold Messages
longer than three minutes, call for estimate.
Non-directed without music$300
Non-directed with music$350


Studio rates are charged with a one-hour minimum after which quarter-hour increments apply. Hourly studio charges are in effect during client-directed voicing, music selection, sound effects selection or creation, and assembly. Studio charges also apply to pre-production and pre-session consultation with a producer.

Studio (per hour)$205


Sessions canceled or postponed less than 24 hours prior to scheduled time are subject to cancellation fees of $205 per studio hour and session fees of $90 per talent.

Auditions & Agency Presentations

Non-directed auditionsno charge
Directed auditions &
Spec reads
(per talent, per script/regular studio fees apply)


Spanish Translation & Director

Translation$0.25 per word / $150 minimum (per script)
Bilingual Director$90
(per half hour)

Music & Sound Effects

Music -
Broadcast Radio & TV
(Flat rate per spot—any number of selections may be combined in one spot for no additional charge.)
SFX -Broadcast Radio & TV
(Unlimited effects per spot)
(Unlimited effects per spot)
Under 1 minute1 - 5 minutesEach additional 5 minutes
Music & SFX - Non-Broadcast$85$170$30
(Music/Sound Effects usage is a flat rate per presentation. Any number of selections
may be combined in one presentation for no additional charge.)