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ProComm Voice Talent Bring Characters to LIfe in New Video Game

ghost chroniclesProComm recently had the pleasure of working with a client on voice overs for a new video game that has just been released. ‘G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renassaince Faire’ includes voice over work from Kiley Ayliffe, Grace Cantrell, Judy Corcoran, Saundra Cuyler, Rowell Gormon, Mike Harrison, Bob Jump, Jim Kincaid, Anne Lalley, Chandler Smith, and Angel Tolentino.

Wanted to thank you again for the help with vocals for our game. During the testing phase of the game, the feedback was really positive about the character voices. The whole process went extremely smooth and we will definitely use your studio for future voice over projects.

– Mike/ Aisle 5 Games

The game is also getting nice reviews in the gaming community…

….Rounding out a solid package is the story telling. As you make your way through the park, you’ll meet a host of characters, alive and otherwise, that stitch together the animosity riddled strife that hangs over the renaissance faire. The ghosts genuinely feel put off by the new mischief making spirit, whilst the living inhabitants gossip with an almost morbid glee about the melodramatic plot regarding the park’s ownership. Strong writing and good voice acting seal the deal here.

– Kyle E. Moore/

Hats off to everyone involved and happy gaming!