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Who’s that Voice? The GEICO Pothole commercial

by Chris Porter on November 16, 2009

Every now and then a commercial comes along that hits the air and captures everyone’s attention. Right now, it seems like everyone wants to know who provides the southern voice behind that charming-but-a-little-ditzy pothole in the latest GEICO commercial. It turns out it’s Dayci Brookshire, a SAG/AFTRA actress who hails from North Carolina but currently resides in New York.

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….love that voice – nicely done. Now, the only question is whether she’ll get an extended 15 minutes of fame like the GEICO Cavemen?

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jay scott bacchus March 14, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Hello…There’s one national spot that’s driving me nuts. I’d be just so appreciative if you could identify the talents for me. There are 2.

I allude to the Home Depot national radio campaign. It uses two voices, seemingly in some kind of rotation. One is, IMO, far superior to the other. Meaning no offense to anyone, the second voice is not even of the caliber to represent such a client.

The first voice has a subtle New Jersey flavor. This voice has also been a G.I. telling listeners how much letters from home are appreciated by an “old dog” like him.

The second voice used in rotation by Home Depot is probably a very likeable individual. Someday, he may be a voice talent. He’s either still learning …or is being directed to place emphasis where it doesn’t belong. It could well be poor direction rather than lack of talent. Irritating to listen to his spots. I haven’t heard this male doing any other work.

I’ll appreciate any help you have to offer and, again, hope to have not offended anyone.

Chris Porter March 24, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Hello Jay – not sure I’ve heard the spots, or at least i can’t recall them well enough to know who the talent might be. sorry.

Jeffie March 24, 2010 at 10:15 pm

One thing about VO’s that it is the irritating one that you remember. My least favorite,( but I remember the spot), is the fellow on many Sirius/XM ones. “Are you an Inventor, or do you know an inventor?” I hate him but remember the company.

And just so y’all know…I’ve never made a penny doing V.O, except what the Government paid me.

jay bacchus November 21, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Home Depot uses several voices for various markets, primarily U.S. and Canadian. The one voice I refer to is so significantly less persuasive than the primary one that anyone listening with any attentiveness surely could tell. The guy might actually sound a lot more persuasive if he were better-directed.

The voice who’s now blanketing U.S. radio airwaves is one that really floors me. I guess he’s considered ‘Mr. Hot’. IMO, he sounds like a 16 year-old passionately involved in high school speech class. I know this talent cannot be 16. No edge to the voice, no persuasion comes across. Just an overly friendly, almost bubbly, very youthful voice. If I named all the financial services clients he’s doing, by name, I’d probably be reprimanded by someone. What I will say is that the talent alluded to could never persuade me to go to any bank. He doesn’t even persuade me to listen to his spots. I’ll punch the button and listen to something else.

It sounds to me as if there’s a drought in the commercial v/o market. The most edgy, persuasive voice talent now seems to be heard doing imaging tracks. Maybe that’s where the best dough is.

jay bacchus January 23, 2011 at 3:17 pm

One of the most interesting things about voice overs is the ‘rise and fall phenominon’. The voice I complained about in my previous post …seems to have vanished nationally overnight. Again, I ain’t gonna name clients. But to repeat, this male voice has done more than a few ‘A list’ clients over the past 6 months, most of them financial services interests. I do have an ear for this stuff and have not noticed a voice that rose so rapidly in national advertising. All of a sudden, POOF!! Just amazing.

Dee May 31, 2011 at 10:42 am

I love, love, love the Dayci Brooks and Sam Elliot voice overs.
I Hate, hate, hate the jack-in-the- box male voice, I turn the channel when ever I hear it, or see the horrid commercials.

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