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Grace Cantrell
A voice for all seasons and all sells; sultry, silly, serious and everything in between.
Age range: 38 to 50

Lyn McManus
Smooth and sexy or smart and savvy... she is simply sensational.
Age range: 40 to 50

Gina Rose
Natural and conversational. From hip and spunky, to sage advice from a friend, to smart and sexy.
Age range: 24 to 42

Catherine Smith
Incredible palette of styles and dynamic deliveries.
Age range: 31 to 40

Mare Carmody
A wide range of deliveries, soft to energetic, delivered with skill.
Age range: 31 to 55

Heather Costa
Cheerful, Real and Young (but not real real young)
Age range: 21 to 35

Whitney Moore
A voice that just makes you feel good. Great range of deliveries.
Age range: 25 to 35

A great variety of stylings to nail most any script.
Age range: 31 to 45

Friendly energetic girl next door, soft introspective, or anything in between.
Age range: 19 to 32

Fresh sound with a variety of attitudes and styles.
Age range: 25 to 35

Kelley Buttrick
Can deliver any script with a sunny, positive spin.
Age range: 20 to 40

Caryn Clark
Young, hip and (maybe) innocent.
Age range: 19 to 30

Bailee Collins
Raspy, cool, and understated.
Age range: 22 to 30

Jacqui Fehl
Confident and vivacious; vocal stylings for most any message whether comedic or serious.
Age range: 28 to 40

Jessica Gee
You want energy? You got it! Range and versatility...upbeat to downright's all there.
Age range: 31 to 45

Melanie Haynes
Distinct and classy yet friendly and personable.
Age range: 50 to 60

Vera McKinney
Enticing and charming yet edgy; she will captivate your audience.
Age range: 25 to 35

Susan Meadows
Genuine and smooth; a voice of confidence and credibility.
Age range: 35 to 45

Karen Saltus
A lovely, pleasant voice that can handle everything from humor to drama.
Age range: 35 to 50

Jen Sweeney
The sound of honey over a touch of gravel.
Age range: 25 to 45

Friendly, spirited, and genuinely likeable.
Age range: 35 to 45

Bobbin Beam
Confident & positive, with range to display a variety of attitudes & emotions.
Age range: 31 to 45

Marisa Blake
Conversational ... in an NPRish newsperson sort of way.
Age range: 22 to 36

Sharon Feingold
Fresh young & hip. Think college grad that's going places.
Age range: 20 to 34

Sophisticated and distinctive in a deeper range.
Age range: 45 to 55

Lynn Llewelyn
A fascinating voice with a unique, irresistible tonal quality.
Age range: 30 to 40

Meredith Love
Raspy, coy, off the beaten path.
Age range: 28 to 38

Chloe Taylor
A laid back ultra-conversational sensibility.
Age range: 25 to 35

Amy Taylor
Urgency & power with a creamy edge.
Age range: 28 to 42

Confident and take charge, while still warm and appealing
Age range: 30 to 50

Anna Vocino
Slightly raspy with a wonderfully detached attitude.
Age range: 27 to 40

Wendy Zier
Inviting and fresh with a delectable raspy quality.
Age range: 28 to 38

Warm, smooth, and sexy to energetic, exciting, and inviting.
Age range: 35 to 45

Liz de Nesnera
Natural and convincing and straightforward as a GenX or Tweener.
Age range: 25 to 42

B.J. Koonce
Demure. Powerful. Provocative. Enchanting. Refined. Just take your pick.
Age range: 41 to 55

Anne Lalley
From contagious enthusiasm to focused sincerity...a broad emotional range.
Age range: 35 to 45

Refined, natural, and sophisticated.
Age range: 35 to 45

Angel Tolentino
Upbeat attitude, exciting delivery.
Age range: 25 to 35

That one on one talkin' to her best friend cool young girl next door
Age range: 18 to 30

DB Cooper
Smart and playful, with a broad range from classy to sassy.
Age range: 31 to 40

Janis Jenkins
Everything from provocative to playful to refined.
Age range: 31 to 45

Nancy McLemore
Delightful voice with a natural yet compelling range of deliveries.
Age range: 45 to 55

Micaila Milburn
Fresh and inspiring or sincere and reflective.
Age range: 35 to 45

Rebecca Story
A good-natured, delightful voice that you just can't help but like.
Age range: 41 to 63

Sheila Green
Bright and energetic, she cuts through the clutter.
Age range: 31 to 40

Kitzie Stern
A delectable voice with broad appeal.
Age range: 45 to 55

Rosylin Weston
Authoritative, caring, and informative delivery style.
Age range: 35 to 45

Saundra Cuyler
Distinct and sophisticated delivery,
Age range: 56 to 65

Larysa Lazartic
Tantalizing and coy with a great tonal quality.
Age range: 38 to 48

Kay Roebuck
Classic, inviting, and bright...someone you know, someone you like.
Age range: 35 to 45

Fran Taylor
Delicate, playful, sensual, sweet...a voice that takes your copy any direction it wants to go.
Age range: 41 to 50

Lisa Luck
Wonderfully exuberant older teen or 20-something spokesperson
Age range: 17 to 27

Showing 1 - 52 of 52 artists

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