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Fresh sound with a variety of attitudes and styles.
Age range: 25 to 35

Kelley Buttrick
So believable! Businesswoman, housewife, mom.
Age range: 20 to 40

Jacqui Fehl
Vibrant, natural, and conversational; great acting skills.
Age range: 28 to 40

Jessica Gee
Personable, provocative, powerful, practical: a plethora of possibilities.
Age range: 31 to 45

Mare Carmody
A wide range of deliveries, soft to energetic.
Age range: 31 to 55

Whitney Moore
Young, fun, and extremely versatile!
Age range: 25 to 35

Chloe Taylor
Ultra conversational with a unique yet familiar style.
Age range: 25 to 35

From energy and sass to warm and sincere.
Age range: 35 to 45

Grace Cantrell
Super dialog, super characters, super voice over delivery.
Age range: 38 to 50

Bailee Collins
Raspy, cool, and understated.
Age range: 22 to 30

Kara Edwards
Young, trendy style with a BIG smile (or not).
Age range: 18 to 28

Melanie Haynes
Distinct and classy yet friendly and personable.
Age range: 50 to 60

Anne Lalley
Fun, friendly, and animated; a voice with natural smile.
Age range: 35 to 45

Vera McKinney
Enticing and charming yet edgy; she will captivate your audience.
Age range: 25 to 35

Karen Saltus
Wife, mom, or next door neighbor; believable and conversational.
Age range: 35 to 50

Catherine Smith
From friendly and casual to direct and confident; brings copy to life.
Age range: 31 to 40

Jen Sweeney
The sound of honey over a touch of gravel.
Age range: 25 to 45

Fran Taylor
One-of-a-kind vocal quality; animated and fun.
Age range: 41 to 50

Angel Tolentino
Hip, friendly, and very real.
Age range: 25 to 35

Heather Costa
Cheerful, Real and Young (but not real real young)
Age range: 21 to 35

Sharon Feingold
Like having a fun chat with your younger sister.
Age range: 20 to 34

Meredith Love
Raspy, coy, off the beaten path.
Age range: 28 to 38

Amy Snively
Smart, funny mom-next-door or co-worker-next-cubicle.
Age range: 28 to 42

Amy Taylor
She can give straight copy a nice real, up close perspective.
Age range: 30 to 42

Susan Meadows
Heartfelt delivery; animated, entertaining, good humored...a voice that adds value to the message.
Age range: 35 to 45

Lori Beland
Youthful, intelligent, bright...the kind of voice you'd like to get to know.
Age range: 25 to 35

DB Cooper
Unaffected and genuine or dramatic and expressive.
Age range: 31 to 40

Lynn Llewelyn
Perky and bright; an irrepressible sense of fun.
Age range: 30 to 40

Kiley Ayliffe
Heartfelt, conversational, and perceptive.
Age range: 20 to 30

Saundra Cuyler
A distinct and refined voice that really delivers.
Age range: 56 to 65

Rosylin Weston
Strong and progressive or quietly introspective.
Age range: 35 to 45

Larysa Lazartic
Tantalizing and coy with a great tonal quality.
Age range: 38 to 48

Tanya McClellan
A vibrant voice that can go from sweet to serious and everything in between.
Age range: 25 to 35

Kay Roebuck
Friendly, likeable, and sweet.
Age range: 35 to 45

Showing 1 - 34 of 34 artists

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