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ProNounce - FAQ

1.) What's the best number to call to get someone at ProComm Voices??

Dial our "Voice Talent Backdoor" number - 828-681-2469.

2.) ISDN Talent: Do I dial you or do you dial me?

We will always dial your codec at session time. If there is a problem or substantial delay, we will call you. We appreciate it if you have your equipment on and are ready to begin at the scheduled time to avoid delays.

3.) Do I need to send an invoice after a session?

No. After the invoice from your session is processed (usually 2-3 days), all important info will be available through ProNounce on our website. Occasionally, there may be a delay as we finalize all pertinent information.

4.) Do I get paid for auditions and demos?

Undirected, recorded auditions are done for free. Recorded demos during which the client is on the line to direct pay the same as a session fee ($50 per half-hour).

5.) What if another studio contacts me for the same audition?

It’s no secret that talent work with many different studios. Out of respect for your time, we typically target auditions to those most appropriate for the job, and DO NOT send blanket requests or have "cattle calls." Because this takes us a little extra time, you may hear from other studios first. However, please keep in mind that ProComm procures a high percentage of the jobs for which we are asked to audition. We do not mind submitting an audition read on your behalf, even if you’ve been asked to audition with another studio.

6.) What happens if audio I voiced is not used?

The usage payment will be replaced with a session fee for your time ($50 per half-hour).

7.) Do I need to contact anyone in particular if I go out-of-town or am unavailable?

Yes. You’ll certainly earn big brownie points with the ProComm account managers if you give them a heads up on outages. If they know at the time a request comes in that you are unavailable, the client may have time to rearrange production dates to accommodate your absence. That’ll save the job for you! Just email one of the account managers, and they’ll make sure it’s on our electronic schedule. (This email address also appears at the top-right of most ProNounce pages.)

8.) How do I refer friends to be on the ProComm roster?

We are always interested in cultivating new talent for our roster. You are welcome to check out our website and look under contact us then job opportunities for the specifics required for working with us. All correspondence should be directed to [email protected]

9.) Do I need to keep up with market conflicts?

Absolutely! We have a database for your current category and market restrictions. However, we cannot account for work done with other studios, so it is important to keep track of non-ProComm jobs.

10.) Who do I contact for a question on a session?

You should contact the account manager who booked the session via phone or email.

11.) How do I get a copy of a spot I voiced?

You may request a copy of a spot you voiced with ProComm from the account manager that booked the job. However, we may not always be able to fulfill the request since we don’t always finish the production on all audio projects. We’d appreciate any audio and/or spots you do get from ProComm to not be used on other studios’ websites or marketing materials.

12.) Can I decline a job or audition?

You bet! If at any time you feel uncomfortable with a particular subject matter and/or client, just let the account manager know and they’ll make a note of it in your talent directory page.

13.) Why is my session not posted on ProNounce?

There are several reasons why a session may not be posted in our regular time period. Sometimes, large jobs carry over several days or even weeks after you’ve voiced your part. Additionally, missing information may require some back-and-forth correspondence with the client over markets, duration of buy, etc. If you don’t see it posted, just email the account manager that booked the job, to inquire about the status.

14.) Do I need to wait for the client to pay ProComm before I get paid?

No way, buddy. ProComm appreciates that you’ve already done the work, so you will get paid 45 days after the session regardless of client’s payment status with us.